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Cessna 195
Cessna 195
Scale: 25% Span: 108.5", Weight: 16 to 18 lbs., Length 82", Wing Area: 1824 sq. in., Power: 1.7 to 3 cu. in.

The plane can be flown gas or electric (1600 to 2400 watts) without any structural modifications.
A full sheeted fuselage and tail feathers are shown on the plans with an option for cap strips on the ribs or a full sheeted wing.

An aluminum tube is used for the full cantilever two piece wing.

Accessories Available for this Plane (pdf)

Cowl (F)

Fibertech N More
P.O. Box 125
Illinois City, Il 61259
Gear (M)
TNT Landing Gear Products10530 Airport Highway Swanton, OH 43558(419)868-5408
E-mail: tntlandinggear@att.net
Decals (L)
Kirby's Kustom Vinyl Graphics
903 Settemire Rd.
Lebanon, OH 40536

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