A Bit of History

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  Wendell with his Aeronca K in 1939
  Wendell with his Aeronca Champion in 2006. One thing Wendell learned in 67 years was how to install "N" numbers.
  Ray Hostetler in 1963 with Dad's 72", Chuck Hollinger designed, Veco 45 powered PT-19.
Ray in Aspen   Ray Hostetler with his favorite mode of transportation, a Falcon 2000, at Aspen. Check out Ray at www.rayshelitech.com

Ray a Happy Boy in 1963 and a Happy Boy now.
Boogie   Elsa with Grandpa's Mong in 1996
Pawnee Elsa with Grandpa's Pawnee in 2009

DC-3 Turbo

The full scale plane in the background is a Turbo conversion of a standard DC-3 done by Preferred Air Parts in Kidron, Ohio. The Model is a DC-3 Top Flite kit modified to a non flying DC-3 Turbo by Wendell.
Both planes were done in memory of Ken Stoltzfus Jr. who lost his life at the early age of 50 due to health issues.

December 2013
J Wendell, Jeptha and Angela
J Wendell, Jeptha and Angela
Jeptha soled today; 2/26/2016

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