Available Accessories and Suppliers

AERONCA CHAMPIONCowl (A). Gear (B). Decals (E).
ART CHESTER'S "JEEP"Cowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals (E).
A-36 BEECH BONANZACowl (F), Retracts (K), Canopy (Q)
BUCKER JUNGMEISTERCowl (A). Gear, Cabanes (B). Decals (E).
CESSNA 150/152Cowl, Wheel Pants (A,F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals (E). 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 170Pants, Cowl (F)
CESSNA 172Cowl, Wheel Pants & Windshield (F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 182Cowl, Wheel Pants & Windshield (A,F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals (E). 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 195Cowl: (F), Gear: (M). Decals (L)
CESSNA L-19 BIRD DOGCowl (F). Gear (D,M) Decals (L)
CESSNA SKYMASTERCowls, Pants, Air Scoop, Windshield (A). Decals (E). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D).
CESSNA 206 STATIONAIRCowl, Wheel Pants, Windows (A). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals (E). 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 310RCowl, Windshield (F). Gear (I). Cabin Top (F). Tail Cone (F). Nose (F), Tip Tanks (F). Nacelle Set (F)
CESSNA 421C 24%Cowl, Windshield (A). Decals (E). Retracts (I).
Cowls (A). Gear (B). Decals (E). 60" Float Plans (G). Amphibious Float Retracts (C,K).
CURTIS HAWK P6ECowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Exterior Tank (A). Gear, Cabanes (B). Decals (E).
(30% & 33%)
Gear, Cowl, Pants (A,F). Decals (E). Gear (D,M)
DE HAVILLAND BEAVERGear (B). Cowl (F). 60" Floats (G).  Fixed and/or Retractabel gear for 50" floats, Retracts for 60" Floats (K). Decals (L)
DIABOLO:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (D). Decals (E).
EDGE 540T:Cowl, Pants, Canopy & Gear (H). Decals (E).
Extra 300XS 27%, 33%:Cowl, Pants, Fairings & Canopy (A) Gear (D). Decals (E). 40% Accessories (J)
FAIRCHILD 24 R&W:Cowl, Pants (F). Gear (B). Decals (L)
FAIRCHILD PT-19:Cowl (A). Gear (B,C, I). Decals (E).
FULL TILT BOOGIE(MONG):Cowl (A), Canopy (A), Gear (B). Decals (E)
GEE BEE R2 25%:Cowl, Pants, (A,F). Gear (C). Decals (E)
GEE BEE R2 33%:Cowl, Pants, (A,F). Gear (C). Decals (E). Canopy (F)
GEE BEE Z 29%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (F). Gear (C). Decals (E).
GEE BEE Z 33%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (F). Gear (C). Decals (E).
GEE BEE Z: 40%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (J). Gear (C).
GILES 202(35%):Cowl, Wheel Pants (A). Canopy (A,J). Decals (E). Gear (D).
GILES 202(42%):Cowl, Wheel Pants & Canopy (J). Decals (E). Gear (D).
GILES 202(55%):Cowl, Wheel Pants (J). Decals (E). Gear (D).
HOWARD DGA-6 "MR MULLIGAN"Decals (L). Gear (B). Cowl (F)
L-17 NAVION:Cowl (A), Gear (C).
LANCAIR IV:Epoxy Glass Fuselage, Cowl, Windows (A). Decals (E). Retracts (C).
LANCAIR ES:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Windows (A). Decals (E). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Fiberglass Fuselage (A)
LIBERTY SPORT:Cowl, Pants (A). Gear (D). Cabanes (B). Decals (E).
LINDBERGH'S LOCKHEED SIRIUS:Cowl, Wheel Pants (A). Gear (B). Decals (E). 54" Float Plans (G).
LUSCOMBE SILVAIR 8:Cowling, Wheel Pants (A). Gear (B,M). Decals (L)
NEMESIS:Cheeks, Air Scoop, Cowl, Canopy (A). Main Gear (D). Decals (E).
PIPER PA-15 VAGABOND:Cowl (A). Gear (B). Decals (E). 54" Float Plans(G).
PIPER PA-25 PAWNEE:Cowl (A). Gear (B). Decals (L)
PIPER TRI-PACER:Cowl (F). Nose Gear (C). Main Gear (B). Decals (E) .
PIPER CHEROKEEPants, Cowl (F). Nose Gear (C). Main Gear (C). Windshield is flat stock with pattern on the plans.
PITTS S-1-11B: 35%Cowl, Pants, Gear Fairing, Canopy (A). Gear (D). Decals (E). Cabanes (B).
RV-4 35%Cowl, Canopy and Wheel Pants (F). Gear (D,M). Decals (E). Tail Wheel Assembly (N).  Mnii Piano hinge (O). Mini Screws (P)
RV 14 (tail dragger) and RV14-A Cowl, Pants, Main Gear, Spring loaded nose gear, Differential electric brakes, Canopy, Decals
SKYBOLT:Cowl, Pants (A). Gear (D). Cabanes (B). Decals (E).
STINSON SR-10:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Landing Gear, & Fillets (A). Decals (E). Gear (D).
STINSON VOYAGER 108Cowl, Wheel Pants (J). Decals (E). Gear (D).
TAYLORCRAFT BC-12-DCowl (A). Gear (B). Decals (E)
TURNER SPECIAL:Outer & Inner Cowl, Air Scoops, Gear Fairings, Pants, Tail Cone, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals (E).
WACO YMF-5 (1934-1935) Cowl, Wheel Pants (A), Gear & Cabanes (B), Adjustable Stabilizer Unit (R), Spinner (S), Tail Wheel (N), Decals (E), Flying Wires (T)
WEDELL-WILLIAMS GILMORE "RED LION":Outer & Inner Cowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals (E).

(A) Fiberglass Specialties
15715 Ashmore Dr.
Garfield, Arkansas 72732
Phone: (479) 359-2429
Web: www.fiberglassspecialtiesinc.com
E-mail: sales@fiberglassspecialtiesinc.com
(B) Likes Line
1601 Airport Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Phone: (717)732-0636
E-mail: likesline@juno.com
(C) Sierra Giant Scale
11929 Abbey Rd. Unit E
North Royalton, OH 44133 USA
Phone: (440)476-4885
E-mail: darrellcnc@aol.com
Web: http://www.sierragiant.com
1125 Monad Road
Billings, MT 59101
Web: www.abellhobby.com
E-mail: lynda@abellhobby.com
(E) Cajun R/C Specialties
602 S. Angel St.
Kaysville, UT 84037
Web: www.cajunrc.com
(F) Fibertech N More
P.O. Box 125
Illinois City, Il 61259
Web: www.fibertechnmore.com
: rick@fibertechnmore.com
(G) Wendell Hostetler's Plans
545 Jerome Drive
Orrville, OH 44667
Phone/FAX: (330)682-8896
E-mail: WHplans@aol.com
(H) Robert Godfrey
5311 24th Ave. E.
Palmetto, FL 34221
Web: www.bobflies.com
(I) Robart Mfg. Inc.
P.O. Box 1247
St. Charles, IL 60174
Web: www.robart.com
E-mail: sales@robart.com
(J) Greg Garrison
3590 Hilham Rd.
Cookeville, TN 38506
(931) 528-9312
Web: www.glhobbies.com
E-mail: glhobbies@charter.net
(K) Century Jet Models
11216 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 266-9234
Web: www.centuryjet.com
(L) L.Kirby's Kustom Vinyl Graphics
903 Settemire Rd.
Lebanon, OH 40536
Web: www.kirbysgraphics.com
E-mail: dkirby@your-net.com
(M) TNT Landing Gear Products
10530 Airport Highway
Swanton, OH 43558
E-mail: tntlandinggear@att.net
(N) Ohio Superstar Products
638 Kibler Rd.
New Waterford, OH 44445.
Phone: 330-457-0238

 (O) Micro-Mark 

340 Snyder Ave.

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

Phone: 800-225-1066 


(P)  Albany County  Fasteners 

708 Hartle St.

Sayreville, NJ 08872 

Phone: 866-573-0445 

www.Albany County Fasteners.com/

(Q) Aeroplane Art
13 Delia Court
Yonkers, NY 10710
Phone: 914-380-2302
E-mail: aeroplaneart@aol.com
(R) RC Planet
9623 S. 500
Sandy, UT 84070
(S) ROMCO Mfg., Inc.
South Houston, TX
Web Page: www.tru-turn.com
(T) Aero Scale Products
Wood kits for all designss
National BalsaNational Balsa
Phone: (413)277-9500
9am-4pm Mon-Fri
E-mail: questions@nationalbalsa.com


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