Available Accessories and Suppliers

AERONCA CHAMPIONCowl (A). Gear (B). Decals .
ART CHESTER'S "JEEP"Cowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals .
A-36 BEECH BONANZACowl (F), Retracts (K), Canopy (Q)
BUCKER JUNGMEISTERCowl (A). Gear, Cabanes (B). Decals .
CESSNA 150/152Cowl, Wheel Pants (A,F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals . 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 170Pants, Cowl (F)
CESSNA 172Cowl, Wheel Pants & Windshield (F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 182Cowl, Wheel Pants & Windshield (A,F). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals . 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 195Cowl: (F), Gear: (M). Decals (L)
CESSNA L-19 BIRD DOGCowl (F). Gear (D,M) Decals (L)
CESSNA SKYMASTERCowls, Pants, Air Scoop, Windshield (A). Decals . Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D).
CESSNA 206 STATIONAIRCowl, Wheel Pants, Windows (A). Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Decals . 60" Float Plans (G).
CESSNA 310RCowl, Windshield (F). Gear (I). Cabin Top (F). Tail Cone (F). Nose (F), Tip Tanks (F). Nacelle Set (F)
CESSNA 421C 24%Cowl, Windshield (A). Decals . Retracts (I).
Cowls (A). Gear (B). Decals . 60" Float Plans (G). Amphibious Float Retracts (C,K).
CURTIS HAWK P6ECowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Exterior Tank (A). Gear, Cabanes (B). Decals .
(30% & 33%)
Gear, Cowl, Pants (A,F). Decals . Gear (D,M)
DE HAVILLAND BEAVERGear (B). Cowl (F). 60" Floats (G).  Fixed and/or Retractabel gear for 50" floats, Retracts for 60" Floats (K). Decals (L)
DIABOLO:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (D). Decals .
EDGE 540T:Cowl, Pants, Canopy & Gear (H). Decals .
Extra 300XS 27%, 33%:Cowl, Pants, Fairings & Canopy (A) Gear (D). Decals . 40% Accessories (J)
FAIRCHILD 24 R&W:Cowl, Pants (F). Gear (B). Decals (L)
FAIRCHILD PT-19:Cowl (A). Gear (B,C, I). Decals .
FULL TILT BOOGIE(MONG): Cowl (A), Canopy (A), Gear (B). Decals
GEE BEE R2 25%: Cowl, Pants, (A,F). Gear (C). Decals
GEE BEE R2 33%:Cowl, Pants, (A,F). Gear (C). Decals . Canopy (F)
GEE BEE Z 29%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (F). Gear (C). Decals .
GEE BEE Z 33%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (F). Gear (C). Decals .
GEE BEE Z: 40%:Fiberglass Parts & Canopy (J). Gear (C).
GILES 202(35%):Cowl, Wheel Pants (A). Canopy (A,J). Decals . Gear (D).
GILES 202(42%):Cowl, Wheel Pants & Canopy (J). Decals . Gear (D).
GILES 202(55%):Cowl, Wheel Pants (J). Decals . Gear (D).
HOWARD DGA-6 "MR MULLIGAN"Decals (L). Gear (B). Cowl (F)
L-17 NAVION:Cowl (A), Gear (C).
LANCAIR IV:Epoxy Glass Fuselage, Cowl, Windows (A). Decals . Retracts (C).
LANCAIR ES:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Windows (A). Decals . Nosegear (C). Main Gear (D). Fiberglass Fuselage (A)
LIBERTY SPORT:Cowl, Pants (A). Gear (D). Cabanes (B). Decals .
LINDBERGH'S LOCKHEED SIRIUS:Cowl, Wheel Pants (A). Gear (B). Decals . 54" Float Plans (G).
LUSCOMBE SILVAIR 8:Cowling, Wheel Pants (A). Gear (B,M). Decals (L)
NEMESIS:Cheeks, Air Scoop, Cowl, Canopy (A). Main Gear (D). Decals .
PIPER PA-15 VAGABOND:Cowl (A). Gear (B). Decals . 54" Float Plans(G).
PIPER PA-25 PAWNEE:Cowl (A). Gear (B). Decals (L)
PIPER TRI-PACER:Cowl (F). Nose Gear (C). Main Gear (B). Decals  .
PIPER CHEROKEEPants, Cowl (F). Nose Gear (C). Main Gear (C). Windshield is flat stock with pattern on the plans.
PITTS S-1-11B: 35%Cowl, Pants, Gear Fairing, Canopy (A). Gear (D). Decals . Cabanes (B).
RV-4 35%Cowl, Canopy and Wheel Pants (F). Gear (D,M). Decals . Tail Wheel Assembly (N).  Mnii Piano hinge (O). Mini Screws (P)
RV 14 (tail dragger) and RV14-A Cowl, Pants, Canopy (F). Main Gear (D). Nose gear (C). Decals (L)
SKYBOLT:Cowl, Pants (A). Gear (D). Cabanes (B). Decals .
STINSON SR-10:Cowl, Wheel Pants, Landing Gear, & Fillets (A). Decals . Gear (D).
STINSON VOYAGER 108Cowl, Wheel Pants (J). Decals . Gear (D).
SUPER CHIPMUNK N1114V 30% & 40% Decals (L)
TAYLORCRAFT BC-12-D Cowl (A). Gear (B). Decals
TURNER SPECIAL:Outer & Inner Cowl, Air Scoops, Gear Fairings, Pants, Tail Cone, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals .
WACO YMF-5 (1934-1935) Cowl, Wheel Pants (A), Gear & Cabanes (B), Adjustable Stabilizer Unit (R), Spinner (S), Tail Wheel (N), Decals , Flying Wires (T)
WEDELL-WILLIAMS GILMORE "RED LION":Outer & Inner Cowl, Gear Fairings, Pants, Canopy (A). Gear (B). Decals .

(A) Fiberglass Specialties
15715 Ashmore Dr.
Garfield, Arkansas 72732
Phone: (479) 359-2429
Web: www.fiberglassspecialtiesinc.com
E-mail: sales@fiberglassspecialtiesinc.com
(B) Likes Line
1601 Airport Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Phone: (717)732-0636
E-mail: likesline@juno.com
(C) Sierra Giant Scale
11929 Abbey Rd. Unit E
North Royalton, OH 44133 USA
Phone: (440)476-4885
E-mail: darrellcnc@aol.com
Web: http://www.sierragiant.com
1125 Monad Road
Billings, MT 59101
Web: www.abellhobby.com
E-mail: lynda@abellhobby.com

(F) Fibertech N More
P.O. Box 125
Illinois City, Il 61259
Web: www.fibertechnmore.com
: rick@fibertechnmore.com
(G) Wendell Hostetler's Plans
545 Jerome Drive
Orrville, OH 44667
Phone/FAX: (330)682-8896
E-mail: WHplans@aol.com
(H) Mike Minisco
E-mail: mikeminisco1@reiynoldscable.net
(I) Robart Mfg. Inc.
P.O. Box 1247
St. Charles, IL 60174
Web: www.robart.com
E-mail: sales@robart.com
(J) Greg Garrison
3590 Hilham Rd.
Cookeville, TN 38506
(931) 528-9312
Web: www.glhobbies.com
E-mail: glhobbies@charter.net
(K) Century Jet Models
11216 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 266-9234
Web: www.centuryjet.com
(L) L.Kirby's Kustom Vinyl Graphics
903 Settemire Rd.
Lebanon, OH 40536
Web: www.kirbysgraphics.com
E-mail: dkirby@your-net.com
(M) TNT Landing Gear Products
1590 Albon Rd. Suite 36
Holland, OH 43528
E-mail: tntlandinggear@bex.net
(N) Ohio Superstar Products
638 Kibler Rd.
New Waterford, OH 44445.
Phone: 330-457-0238

 (O) Micro-Mark 

340 Snyder Ave.

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

Phone: 800-225-1066 


(P)  Albany County  Fasteners 

708 Hartle St.

Sayreville, NJ 08872 

Phone: 866-573-0445 

www.Albany County Fasteners.com/

(Q) Aeroplane Art
13 Delia Court
Yonkers, NY 10710
Phone: 914-380-2302
E-mail: aeroplaneart@aol.com
(R) RC Planet
9623 S. 500
Sandy, UT 84070
(S) ROMCO Mfg., Inc.
South Houston, TX
Web Page: www.tru-turn.com
(T) Aero Scale Products
Wood kits for all designss
National BalsaNational Balsa
Phone: (413)277-9500
9am-4pm Mon-Fri
E-mail: questions@nationalbalsa.com


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